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Robert "Shane" McShane

Thank you for choosing McShane Insurance Services to help you meet your insurance needs. If you find all this insurance stuff confusing, you have come to the right place. We will listen to you, answer all of your questions in easy-to-understand language, guide you to plans that meet your needs and provide you with the service you have been looking for. Think of us as your "insurance moms".

McShane Insurance Services is an independent agency representing many insurance companies. We help you sort through all the clutter to find the policy that meets your wants and needs. We opened for business in September of 1992 and are located in Houston Texas. We work for the self-employed, individuals, and their families, as well as small businesses with less than 50 employees. We offer health, Medicare, dental, vision, life, long term care and employee benefits. In addition, we can help you supplement your health insurance coverage with cancer, accident, critical illness, heart and stroke coverage.

Below is our contact information. Please call us anytime with your questions or concerns.

Your "insurance moms"

Robert "Shane" McShane – ext. 1
[email protected]
Health, Medicare, dental, employee benefits and supplemental coverage for your health insurance

Evelyn Akerman – Direct 713-439-7921
[email protected]
Life and long term care and disability income

Yolanda Navarro – ext. 2
[email protected]
Customer service manager

McShane Insurance Services

3 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1500
Houston, TX 77046